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When developing web solutions we focusing on making things perfect for you. Our goal is to make web solution which are user friendly for you and your customers while also being easy to scale and maintain. You decide how involved you want to be. If you want extensive control of the design, we work together and do quick iterations. We can also help create the design for you by discovering what is important for you and your profile. We are experienced working with multible frameworks and can help you pick the right one. If you are using something more obscure we do our best to be veristile by gaining an understanding of your systems. When it comes to developing web solutions almost nothing is impossible, so feel free to contact us and we will find out what you need.

Developer Oliver

Oliver B. Vejen


All around developer and creative problem solver with an AP in Computer Science.

I like finding new and creative solutions to programming problems. It’s important for me to know how things work, so I thoroughly enjoy coding everything from scratch at least once.

With a general passion for development, i always make sure that my software is easy to use and accesbile, but still feature rich. I have experience in many levels of programming from low level to simple scripting.

I am also a game designer. I believe that combining the knowledge of game design with general software development results in an uniquely interactive and user-experience focused piece of software.

Last, but not least, i'm a music producer and sound designer. With years of experience with software such as FL Studio, Cubase and Ableton Live.

Developer Jonathan

Jonathan B. Jørgensen


My interest in game development started when i was a kid, and quickly i became more interested in making them than playing them. Since then I have become an experienced software and game developer with an AP in Computer Science. I mainly work with C# but i’m also experienced with Java and C++.

I love using and creating open software which is designed with ease of use and minimal maintenance needs. I’ve always loved solving logical problems and ensuring the best performance. I usually spend a lot of time optimizing and getting the code just right.

I also enjoy working with hardware and electronics. I’ve build serveral different hobby electronic projects including a pancake printer and a remote tilt sensing system for trucks.

Follow me on Twitter @Pizzaernam or visit my personal site: